Monday, January 14, 2008

Livin La Vida Loca

Provo, UT... Las Vegas, NV... Minneapolis, MN... Layton, UT... Springville, UT...
Needless to say, this has been one crazy year of marriage for the two of us. As I have been moving this week, I feel like I have moved abou a zillion times this year! You can only pack up all your clothes and empty out your kitchen cupboards so many times before it makes you crazy! Well, I think we are about to that point. This week we have made our move to Springville to finish up at least the next two years of school. Adam (who makes quite a handsome handyman ;) just put up the curtains in our new apartment and hopefully, little by little, it will start to feel like home. Because, lets face it... I am not moving again for a while.
The job hunt has begun, but nothing yet. It is crazy to go from working 6-8 shifts a week to no work. It makes me feel like a bum! With all the tuition and books and moving, our accounts are being drained quickly! Adam got offered a job being the apartment manager for our complex, which will be an adventure! He hasn't decided for sure yet, but I think it will be great for him.
Lole is still going through heat. Going to Katchie and Jeff's is usually an adventure with Lole and those boys, but let me tell you, it is really funny to watch their interactions this week. Poor Troy can't stop humping and will walk away humping the air and Scoot will just sit there and whine because Lole's diaper is keeping him from doing his business. It is QUITE entertaining :) Maybe chastity belts are something we will actually invest in for our future children! Adam is going to invent one for his daughters; he is already working on the sketches haha!
So I have to record myself singing for my music class. I am SUPER upset about it. I don't sing. I haven't been a singer since I thought I could sing when I was like 9. I am really taking issue with this. I'll keep you posted.
I better get going to my piles of homework! Goodnight!


mamasteph said...

I ditto your comments on moving. No fun, whatsoever! Lot's of new adventures, but I could do without packing and unpacking gazillions of boxes! Hopefully your house will feel like a home soon. We expect pictures when you are settled. I hope you find a job soon also, though I'm sure you will stay plenty busy with school this semester! You could always try Leatherby's! Brings back memories, doesn't it? :) And as for the singing, give yourself some credit! I think you have a beautiful voice! Love you sister!

Hair Goddess said...

I wanna hear the tape of you singing! Good luck with the job hunt I am sure you will fnid one in no time! Now start doing homework ! :) loves u

Hair Goddess said...
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