Monday, November 19, 2007


Seeing how Thanksgiving week is the slowest week for our restaurant, Adam and I took advantage of our morning off today and took our sweet Lole to the park for the afternoon!
My dear husband educated me on the nature of ducks, which I very soon realized was true after watching them for a few minutes. He was telling me about how ducks have a natural instinct to follow.
Well, it was the sweetest thing because as Lole would walk up and down the side of the river, these ducks would keep turning back and forth to follow her! It was the cutest thing!
Anyway, as I am counting my blessings this week, I am so grateful for the beautiful weather! Today was supposedly the last nice day of the year and it was so beautiful! Who would think that we would be playing at the park in our short sleeved shirts on November 20th in Utah?! Crazy!