Monday, December 10, 2007

It's That Time of Year Again!

Merry Christmas!

I absolutely LOVE this time of year! All the beautiful lights, the all so familiar tunes, the yummy hot chocolate from the beloved Cocomotion, spending time with loved ones, the list could go on and on!
Sometimes with all the bills and the last minute shopping, it can become easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas! As I challenge myself, I also challenge all those who read this to look into thier hearts and take a moment during this crazy, busy time of year to remember what this season is all about! Hopefully, it will help me to be a little more Christ-like when people cut me off in the snow or when the person in front of me OBVIOUSLY has 20+ items in the lane at Walmart that clearly reads: 10 Items or Less.

Wish me luck!
(I was going to post somet pictures of our Christmas decorations but the website won't let me :( More to come later!!


mamasteph said...

Thanks for your post! I've been thinking these very things all week! It get's so crazy and I think that alot of people, even those with the best intentions, momentarily forget what it is we are celebrating! I'm glad you are enjoying the holidays! We sure love and miss you guys! Have a great day! By the way, I'm glad you are blogging more frequently! :)


You know with all my "self pity" these last few months, I have really forgotten to focus on the important part of the season. Thanks for the sweet reminder. <3

SKye said...

Cocomotions ROCK!