Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A New Beginning

So lately everyone seems to have thier own blog and so we wanted to fit in! :) I never feel like we have anything exciting enough to put on our family website so I decided I would create one for our mundane day to day lives.

Life here in Provo hasn't been too exciting lately... we have just been trying to keep up on school and work. I have two weeks left of school and Adam has about three, so we are getting really excited! Most of the end of semester assignments have been handed in and here is little left to do before finals. Thank Goodness!!!

We have just put up our house for rent so that we can get everything taken care of before we move to Las Vegas for the summer. We leave in less than a month! We are very excited for this new adventure in our lives. I still need to find a job out there, but hopefully that won't take me too long.

Well, I guess that is all we havie going on this week (see, I told you we aren't exciting!), but we'll keep posted any life changing events ;)

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