Wednesday, April 4, 2007

An Answer

So for some crazy reason, I thought my (what I thought was bizarre) hot dog headache connection was over. So... the other night, my loving husband made us hot dogs for dinner. Well, needless to say, I shouldn't eat hot dogs anymore (no matter how much I like them). Another ginormous migraine later, I felt like I should educate myself on where this strange connection comes from.

Alas, there was an answer! As it turns out, processed meats (like hot dogs) are high in sodium nitrate, which is one of the main migraine food triggers. Some people actually refer to their headaches (just like mine) as the hotdog headache! Crazy huh! So anyway, I discovered that I should now cute back on fast food and foods that are made from processed meats (hot dogs, sausage rolls, frozen hamburgers and meatballs are a few examples)

So I just thought I would share my new found knowledge with all of you! I will definetely be smarter about my eating choices from now on!

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I guess it isn't something you grow out of. Sorry about the headache. Way to go on looking up the answer, remember when we would look in our encyclopedias and now bingo there it is on the internet! It is amazing to this 50 year old brain how easy it is now. No excuse to be ignorant..